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Fight for a dream

Since 2008, Jose Manuel began his journey in the world of barbershop. First in the Dominican Republic and later in Spain, it has extensive experience in the market for men's haircuts. The world of men's hairdressing has been advancing by leaps and bounds with new techniques and styles. Jose Manuel continued and continues his training to always be able to offer the client the latest trends. Since 2018, in Zurich, it continues to offer the best of itself (both in techniques and products) to its customers.


Offering the latest trends and quality products is one of the main characteristics of this salon. Personalized recommendation according to the type of hair that each person has.

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"Do it with passion or better not do it"
This phrase defines everything that a barber should be governed by: passion, love for what is done, dedication, etc.
Create a pleasant and friendly atmosphere where you feel like meeting each time you go...


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